In humans, some ability to recognize faces is present at birth or soon after. By six months, as Olivier Pascalis and his colleagues have shown in one study, babies are able to recognize a broad variety of individual faces, including those of another species (in this study, pictures of monkeys were used). By nine months, though, the babies became less adept at recognizing monkey faces unless they had received continuing exposure to them. As early as three months, infants are learning to narrow their model of“faces” to those they are frequently exposed to. The implications of this work for humans are profound. To a Chinese baby brought up in his own ethnic environment, Caucasian faces may all, relatively, “look the same,” and vice versa.11 One prosopagnosic acquaintance, born and raised in China, went to Oxford as a student and has lived for decades in the United States. Nonetheless, he tells me,“European faces are the most difficult—they all look the same to me.” It seems that there is an innate and presumably genetically determined ability to recognize faces, and this capacity gets focused in the first year or two, so that we become especially good at recognizing the sorts of faceswe are likely to encounter. Our “face cells,” already present at birth, need experience to develop fully. Excel montemario hotel rome review Several people heard the police say they would be leaving by five p.m. and everyone needed to be out of the hospital because of civil unrest in New Orleans. The police would not stay later to protect the hospital. They stood stone-faced on the emergency ramp, shotguns on their hips, barking threats at anyone who came too close, only increasing the sense of urgency. People felt intimidated, not protected, by them. A large airboat they had brought to Memorial was not used to help transport anyone. A policeman sat in it chain-smoking and taking naps. ———. 2008.Musicophilia. Rev. ed. New York: Alfred A. Knopf.

Summer Street Capital Partners

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Summer Street Capital Partners seeks to enhance the value of the dynamic, small market companies with talented, committed management teams. Candidates for investment are brought to our attention by banks, brokerage firms, professional advisors, our investors, and personal contacts.


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February 4, 2015
Summer Street Capital Partners has acquired an equity stake in Action Environmental Services, a provider of waste management services for New York City businesses. No financial terms were disclosed for the deal, which ...

PE HUB » Summer Street Capital Partners names new partner
February 4, 2015
Summer Street Capital Partners has hired Garth T. Troxell as a partner. In his new role, Troxell will be involved in all aspects of Summer Street's investment activities and portfolio management. He will also lead Summer ...

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November 12, 2014
Summer Street Capital Partners has put an undisclosed amount of money into Midwest Technical Institute, a private, post-secondary school focused on education in the fields of welding, HVACR, allied health and cosmetology ...

Summer Street Capital Partners hires Garth Troxell as partner ...
December 31, 2014
Summer Street Capital Partners has appointed Garth Troxell as a partner to lead the Buffalo-based private equity firm's investor relations efforts. Troxell previously served as a consultant to investment banking and private ...

Summer Street Capital Invests in Dwellworks
November 18, 2013
Summer Street Capital Partners invested in Dwellworks LLC, a provider of services for relocation management companies, according to a news release. Summer Street invested alongside the company's management through ...