My mom, my dad, Allen, Stephen, and my college friend Lindsey, who had flown in from St. Louis the day before, all grabbed my possessions—stuffed animals, DVDs, clothes, books, and toiletries—and crammed them in clear plastic NYU “Patient’s Belongings” bags; they left behind the flowers and magazines. A transport staff worker helped me into a wheelchair as my mom placed slip-on flats on my feet. It was the first time I hadworn shoes in a month. Though she had been totally blind for a dozen years when she went to Tibet, Tenberken continued to use her other senses, along with verbal descriptions, visual memories, and a strong pictorial and synesthetic sensibility, to construct“pictures” of landscapes and rooms, of environments and scenes—pictures so lively and detailed as to astonish her listeners. These images may sometimes be wildly or comically different from reality, as she related in one incident when she and a companion drove to Nam Co, the great salt lake in Tibet. Turning eagerly towards the lake, Tenberken saw, in her imagination, “a beach of crystallized salt shimmering like snow under an evening sun, at the edge of a vast body of turquoise water. . . . And down below, on the deep green mountain flanks, a few nomads were watching their yaks grazing.” It then turned out that she had not been “looking” at the lake at all, but facing in another direction, “staring” at rocks and a gray landscape. These disparities do not faze her in the least—she is happy to have so vivid a visual imagination. Hers is essentially an artistic imagination, which can be impressionistic, romantic, not veridical at all, whereas Torey’s imagination is that of an engineer, and has to be factual, accurate down to the last detail. Selling retin a on ebay cialis pill image

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