Although such studies involve electrode recordings from single neurons, each of these cells is connected to thousands of other neurons, each of which in turn is connected to thousands more. (Some single cells, moreover, may respond to more than one individual or object.) So a single cell’s response really represents the apex of an immense computational pyramid, perhaps drawing on direct or indirect inputs from the visual, auditory, or tactile cortex, text-recognition areas, memory and emotional areas, and so on. Tenberken, Sabriye, ref 1, ref 2n, ref 3 Let’s return to the second example, and take, for the sake of argument, a skeptical view of asexuality, along with a Freudian bent. Some might argue that so-called asexual people are extremely repressed sexual people, and thus the level of sublimation in them should be even higher than in average sexual people. Hence, one might pose the following question, perhaps somewhat tongue-in-cheek: Should all asexual people be fat? However, if there is no “sexual” psyche to operate on in asexual people, then sublimation should not occur (i.e., overeating or any other defensive behaviors to deal with this bottled-up sexual energy; see chapter 12 on humor and sex). Thus, should they be thin, or at least not overeat? There are some interesting studies that suggest that sexual energy in repressed men, after being stimulated by an attractive woman, is defensively discharged (e.g., by unknowingly creating sexual double entendres or “Freudian slips”; see chapter 12 on humor). If so, there may be future research studies examining how asexual people respond to such sexual cues. Also, if one disregards the quasi-Freudian analysis altogether (and some would certainly think it is bunk!), perhaps one should expect asexuals to become pleasantly plump, as their appetitive drives should be more focused on food (and not sex) in a culture that offers caloric abundance. Import excel sales order to quickbooks

Brockway Moran & Partners

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Brockway Moran & Partners is a private equity firm with an unusual combination of financial resources, strategic expertise and operational know-how brought together to support management teams in maximizing opportunities for growth-oriented, middle-market companies. They invest in privately held businesses, small-cap public companies or subsidiaries and divisions of larger enterprises. Companies participating in growing markets or where value can be enhanced through add-on acquisitions. Companies must have significant growth opportunities either through internal expansion, industry consolidation or innovative business strategies. They invest in companies that have significant experience in consumer, industrial and service businesses. Particular interest in highly fragmented industries with opportunity for consolidation.


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February 24, 2015
Florida-based private equity firm Brockway Moran & Partners has agreed to sell Tri-Star Electronics International, which makes electronic interconnect components for aerospace, defense and industrial applications, to Carlisle ...

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April 16, 2012
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Vestar to buy Woodstream from Brockway Moran and CHS ... - PE Hub
November 15, 2011
Vestar Capital Partners has agreed to acquire Woodstream from Brockway Moran & Partners and CHS Capital. No financial terms were disclosed for the transaction that is expected to be completed in the second quarter of ...

PE HUB » Brockway Moran May Not Be Dead Yet
September 7, 2011
Brockway Moran & Partners, a middle market firm founded in 1998, is not raising a new fund, peHUB has learned. The Boca Raton, Fla.-based private equity firm had been expected to come to market for its fourth pool in 2012.