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AxialMarket is an online network used by over 4,500 member companies actively engaged in buying, selling, lending to, or advising private companies. These companies, which include corporate buyers, lenders, investment firms, investment banks, and private companies leverage the network and integrated research and deal management applications to more intelligently source, manage, prepare for, and execute private M&A and related transactions.


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Patent Valuation: Excerpts from Breakfast with David Wanetick
AxialMarket hosted David Wanetick of IncreMental Advantage for its latest Member breakfast in midtown NYC.  David is a recognized expert on patent valuation and the enormous complexities patents pres…

Four Trends Impacting Lower Middle Market M&A Activity
The Deal.com did a very helpful analysis of the 2007 U.S. Economic Census. According to U.S. Census data, 369,122 companies constituted America's middle market in 2007, double the number registered i…

Technology Tools for M&A Professionals
This week, the IBBA and M&A Source trade associations held one of their twice-yearly conferences. The conference serves as a successful forum for the lower middle market intermediary community to get…

May 2011 Lower Middle Market M&A Activity Report
Quick Look 59 New Buyers 77 New Intermediaries 438 Opportunities $7B in Revenue AxialMarket's monthly activity report provides real-time analytics and transparency into lower middle market M&A activi…

The Letter of Intent – A Primer for Business Owners
At this stage you have likely held anywhere from one to three (or more) meetings with a prospective buyer.  If you are running a structured sale process soliciting multiple buyers, then you have spo…

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Why Specialized Private Equity Firms Are More Successful - Axial
February 6, 2014
There is evidence that the old adage about jacks of all trades being masters of none applies even to the masters of the financial universe. The success of the generalist private equity model is largely dependent on the team ...

AxialMarket, an Online Network for Deal Professionals, Raises $6.5M
May 17, 2012
Here's a quickie for your Tuesday evening: AxialMarket, an online network that connects potential buyers and sellers of private businesses, has raised $6.5 million, according to a Form D filed with the SEC.

Six Considerations When Receiving Funding from Strategic Investors
May 17, 2012
In addition to pursuing independent venture capital firms, entrepreneurs and business owners often seek funding from the “in-house” venture capital arms of large companies. Receiving funding from the likes of an Intel Capital ...

AxialMarket Raises A Series A From Redpoint Ventures To Become ...
May 15, 2012
AxialMarket has raised $6.5 million in a round led by RedPoint Ventures, according to an SEC filing discovered by BetaBeat. The company confirmed to us that it's raised a Series A. AxialMarket is basically Match.com for ...

5 Differences Between Financial and Strategic Buyers - Axial
October 6, 2011
As you sell your company or raise funding, understanding the key differences between strategic and financial buyers can help you understand their decision-making processes. Clarifying what each type of buyer is seeking ...