imagery The American team set up a field hospital housed in tents on a college campus in the capital, Port-au-Prince. They had trouble recording unfamiliar names and instead assigned patients numbers. One woman who arrived at the field hospital the week after the earthquake was identified in medical records merely as Jane Doe 326. Her real name was Nathalie LeBrun. She was thirty-eight years old and dressed in a white nightgown with lacy trim. Through a translator, she told me about her medical problems, which had preceded the earthquake.“She can’t breathe right,” the translator said, “and her body’s swollen. She’s been like that for a while, but ever since the earthquake, it’s added on to it.” Lilian could still identify objects by inference, using her intact perception of color, shape, texture, and movement, along with her memory and intelligence. Dr. P. could not. He could not, for instance, identify a glove by sight or by feel (despite being able to describe it in almost absurdly abstract terms, as“a continuous surface infolded on itself [with] five outpouchings, if this is the word . . . a container of some sort?”)—until, by accident, he got it onto his hand. He was, in general, almost wholly dependent ondoing things, on action, on flow. And singing, which for him was the most natural, irrepressible activity in the world, allowed him to bypass his agnosia to some extent. He had all sorts of songs that he would hum or sing: dressing songs, shaving songs, action songs. Music, he had found, could organize his activities, his daily life.1 This was not the case with Lilian. Her great musicality was also preserved, but it did not play a comparable role in her daily life; it was not, for her, a strategy for dealing with agnosia. Free printable monthly calendar 2013 singapore


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