Buy claritin In The Safe Drugs Pharmacy. BEST PRICE GUARANTEE! compared to perception, ref 1, ref 2, ref 3, ref 4, ref 5, Ancel Keys deserves the lion’s share of credit for convincing us that cholesterol levels predict heart disease and that dietary fat is a killer. Keys ran the Laboratory of Physiological Hygiene at the University of Minnesota and considered it his franchise, as he would tellTime magazine,“to find out why people get sick before they got sick.” He became famous during World War II by developing the K ration for combat troops—the “K,” it is said, stood for “Keys.” He spent the later war years doing the seminal study of human starvation, using conscientious objectors as his subjects. He then documented the experience, along with the world’s accumulated knowledge on starvation, inThe Biology of Human Starvation, a fourteen-hundred-page tome that cemented Keys’s reputation. (I’ll talk more about Keys’s remarkable starvation study in chapter 15.) Let’s recall that hypertension is a disease of civilization, an observation that dates back to the late 1920s. Just as physicians in Europe and the United States took to measuring blood pressure in their patients with the availability of an instrument that could do so easily and reliably (the sphygmomanometer), missionary and colonial physicians throughout the world took to measuring blood pressure in native populations. Within a decade, noted the British physician Cyril Donnison in 1938 inCivilization and Disease, hypertension was already among the best-documented examples of a disease that seemed specific to Western societies and the more affluent social classes elsewhere. The average blood pressure in isolated populations eating traditional diets was inevitably low, but not dissimilar to the average blood pressure of Europeans and Americans who had not yet reached middle age. Hypertension was never seen in these populations, and blood pressure, if anything, dropped lower with age, which is the opposite of what happens in developed nations. In 1929, Donnison reported that he had measured the blood pressure in a thousand Kenyan nomads and found it similar to that of Europeans for those men under forty, but not so after that:“It tends to come down in the African,” Donnison wrote, “whereas in the white races it continues its tendency to rise until the eighth decade.” The Kenyan nomads in their sixties had an average systolic blood pressure forty points lower than that of European men of the same age. Over the next forty years, these observations would be confirmed in isolated populations throughout the world.

Metropolitan Equity Partners

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Metropolitan Equity Partners LLC is a New York based private equity firm that provides outsourced private equity services to a select group of high net worth individuals and family office investors on a call-fund and traditional fund basis.

Metropolitan is a special situation investor and sector generalist. Many of our investments focus on "specialty finance" such as consumer financial services and consumer debt. Metropolitan also has significant domain expertise in energy, energy services, business services, commodity services and distribution.

Originally founded in 1999 with backing from a New York-based family office and the Man Group, plc. Metropolitan Venture Partners was re-launched Metropolitan Equity Partners in 2008. Our principles have been investing together for over 12 years.
Growth Equity & Growth Debt, Special Situation Investing, Specialty Finance, Financial Services, Energy & Commodities


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Metropolitan Equity Infuses CreditMax | Mergers & Acquisitions ...
May 1, 2015
Metropolitan Equity Partners, the New York-based private equity firm, and PartnerRe Ltd., the Bermuda-based insurance firm, have teamed up to back CreditMax, an electronic exchange for distressed consumer debt.

FinCo Management Receives Credit Facility and Growth Equity ...
April 3, 2015
The facility, led by Metropolitan Equity Partners, is designed to launch the company's new Hybrid “BuyHerePayTHERE – CashAdvance” product, which enables dealerships to offer direct financing to deep subprime customers ...

CreditMax Receives Growth Equity Investment | FinSMEs
November 20, 2014
In conjunction with the investment, PartnerRe and Metropolitan Equity Partners join the company's board, which includes Advisory Members Les Biller, former Vice Chairman of Wells Fargo, Herb Lurie, former Head of Merger ...

Cognical Raises $10M - VC News Daily
May 16, 2013
Debt financing was led by Metropolitan Equity Partners in New York. Cognical was founded at Cornell University in 2012 to apply advances in machine learning and nontraditional data to reduce the cost of credit to nonprime ...

Learn how beef jerky is made & what it's like being a food ...
May 16, 2011
LLC (dba FIELD TRIP jerky) and becoming a beef jerky guru, Matt spent roughly a decade in private equity, investment banking, and venture capital at firms including Exigen Capital, Metropolitan Equity Partners, Macquarie ...